The non-profit Amáte Institute features the Amáte Growth Work Method…a highly respected, rapid, affordable, intensive, and spiritually based healing and growth option for adolescents and adults who…for any reason…became emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence…and the stoppage is adversely affecting the current life…and limiting the potential for achieving emotional maturity and living in peace.

Is This You?

“Martha Horton is one of the best individual therapists I know. She developed a powerful therapy technique that combines aspects of several therapy schools with electronic follow up. It is both classic and cutting edge, and has been extremely effective for the professionals I have referred to her.”
-Marvin D. Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Dr Martha HortonDr. Martha Susan Horton
Aspen, CO
Dr. Martha Susan Horton has dedicated her adult life to helping others with early emotional stoppage resolve the stoppage and achieve emotional maturity and emotional sobriety. After Dr. Horton discovered her emotional immaturity at 41, and found a way to achieve emotional maturity in adulthood, she authored, “The Seashell People: Growing Up in Adulthood,” (1990) and “Growing Up in Adulthood: The Journey to Emotional Maturity,” (1992). Following the publications, she developed The Amáte Growth Work Method to help others emotionally stuck in childhood or adolescence achieve emotional maturity. read more>>